Save yourself from hundreds of hours of headaches, frustrations and stress.
  • What digital or technology systems do you need?
  • Want to accept payments for digital products or services?
  • Do you to manage your membership site?
  • How can you continue to market to your customers by emailing them?
  • Do you need a webinar?
Work with me and I can help you with many of your tasks! As an independent contractor, you’ll save money too!


✓ Gain more “freedom” from being in front of your computer all the time.
✓ Setting ups your online applications and technology systems.
✓ Create/manage editorial calendars for your blogs and social media.
✓Provide webinar tech support
✓ A strong  reliable ally to meet your project deadlines on time.

Let’s collaborate and see if we’re a good fit. Click the link below.

Let’s chat, and if you’re local, have coffee and go from there.