Do you need help with the back-end office? Someone who tackles projects from “working behind the scenes”, and manage your daily business functions?

I’m a freelancer and an independent contractor, working remotely,  with different industries to help business owners with technical and executive assistance needs.  I will tackle your tasks and To Do lists, so you can focus on building your “empire”.


Are you good at delegating work to an outside person? Are you new to this type of getting help?

I’ll help you down-size your To Do List and figure out which tasks should be tackled first and start creating processes and procedures from day one. You don’t have to daunt this task alone, since I will be “smoothing” your work flow.

Just think of the sigh of relief you can experience once we start working together. As a business owner myself, I care about the quality and success of your business.  I know how overwhelmed you might feel when things all of a sudden start to pile up, especially as you get busier with new clients!

If  you’re a “solopreneur”, small-sized business owner we’re only a phone call away or click away.  If you’re located in the USA, our communication will be over Email, Skype and phone.  I work with short-term or long-term projects.

To have a complimentary consultation, please contact me here.  Visit this page to see support services.

To learn more about Virtual Assistants or some call “freelancer”, “personal assistant”,  here’s some information about Virtual Assistants (VA), and how to work with a VA from my previous blog.

What’s a Virtual Assistant?

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