As a child my mother introduced me to travel. Back then travel was deemed only for those who could afford it and had to be of a certain stature. I didn’t see my mom that way but somehow she made it possible. I guess she too loved to travel and wanted to expose me to the world. Since then, travel has been in my blood and I have been travelling ever since. Since then, travel has become more accessible and open to all walks of life. Even the way people dress now compared to back then demonstrates how travel has evolved from business to casual.

The word travel is on blue map backgroundSince starting my own online business around 2010, travel has become even more important to me as it allows me the opportunity to attend seminars, conferences and trainings to keep abreast of my industry, know-how and latest trends and more so network and make new friends and possible business collaborations plus a little R&R on the side. However, whether you are in business or just a leisure traveller, travel can be a bit still on the expensive side for some.

I had to find a way to have my cake and eat it as they say and in sharing this blog with you, in the same way I shared my goals, someone told me about this wonderful site that helps me achieve exactly what I wanted. There are hundreds of trips under ‘Browse Experiences’! It’s pretty cool and the prices, well I will leave you to see for yourself in the video when you click on the link.

Blog Talk Radio

I have even taken it a step further and started another online radio show about travel titled youtrippin. You should check it out as it allows me to learn more about travel from others who have gone where I haven’t gone before (yeah, I am a Star Trek Fan) and enticing places to add to my bucket list. Hey, if you happen to be reading this and you have travelled somewhere and would like to share it on my show, feel free to reach out to me. I am sure there are people out there who would love to hear about it. And hey, don’t forget to check out that travel link.

I took my 76 year old mom on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas recently and she still can’t stop talking about how 5 star the ship experience was and the VIP treatment she received from the staff. Don’t allow her to be the only one to brag! Here’s the link again to check it out and maybe, just maybe, I may see you on one of those trips or on the beaches of the world!

This article was submitted by our Guest Blogger, Corine La Font.

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Small Business And Social Media

Image: pixabay
Image: pixabay

Social media is not just for teenagers randomly tweeting or posting their current activities. No…. it has become much bigger than that.

Most TV shows such as Good Morning America, reality shows like The Voice or Dancing with the Stars, and even sporting events such as NASCAR, pretty much get their audience engaging with them by posting tweets and comments and using hash tags (#) to follow the conversation on social media today. Big companies too, have social media profiles in Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other social platforms.

Why Do You Need Social Media?

When it comes to growing your small business, the power of social media can expand your communications not only to your existing clients but also to future prospects. Social media is social networking that allows you to engage in multiple ways with your audience. You expand your brand awareness, direct them to your website, generate leads and new customers.

This medium allows you to communicate and share any information you wish with your audience. Perhaps you’re having a special sale, or you want to share an article that your audience can benefit from and get tips and ideas from you.

In today’s world, “word of mouth” is being accomplished with social media. When compared to traditional marketing methods the return on investment (ROI) is unmatched using social media because of it’s low-cost and potentially reaching a vast audience.

 How does a Small Business Start using Social Media?

Image: pixabay
Image: pixabay

Step 1: Decide which social media platform is easy for you to use. There are many to chose from and if you’re brand new to social media, I suggest learning one or two to start with.

Step 2: Create your profile(s). Use your company name or a name your audience will recognize.

Step 3: Create content, or share articles you feel may be of value, or other examples would be to offer free advice, or a tip of the day.

How often should you use social media? Well, it depends, but most experts say, you should be sending tweets (via Twitter) 3-5 times day, posting in Instagram or Pinterest twice a day at minimum and in Facebook at least twice a week. You must be active in social media to start getting noticed and attract followers. Don’t just post or send tweets, engage with your followers. If you find someone’s contents valuable, let them know. If you like their images or infographics in Pinterest, repin it, “like” their posts in Facebook. This is how you would start building relationships on social media.

Ideally, you then want to direct people who follow you on social media to your website. This is where you can start introducing them to your products or services. Eventually, you want to direct your potential customers to your mailing list too, so you can continue to communicate and build a relationship with them. Also, include your social media icons to your website so visitors can easily engage with you socially.

Keep in mind that when you are using social media you are, in essence, networking and building relationships. So when you add value, or offer tips and advice, it may be shared with others. You will attract more people that may want to know more about you and your business.