As Virtual Assistants, we work remotely to provide individuals and business owners professional services globally.  We offer support services with administrative tasks,  website design & maintenance, webinars and digital marketing services.  We have monthly retainer price packages that can be tailored to your business needs.

NVA is available to work for as little as 5 hours per month and up to 80 hours per month for support services with no contracts.  Our prices are competitive & work with most budgets.

If you’ve never worked with a Virtual Assistant (VA) before, contact us for more details and we can provide guidance on how to start.  Read our blog on How to Work With a Virtual Assistant and Who, What and Where Are Virtual Assistants to give you ideas.

Are you ready to start working less hours by hiring an Independent Virtual Assistant?

We are not your employees and therefore, don’t need any benefits or vacation time. We have our own business equipment such as cell phones & data plans, computers, printers, internet access and office space.  You’ll save money when you consider that a VA doesn’t need all these extra stuff you that you may have to provide when you hire an employee in your organization.

~ Support with websites, executive assistant, digital marketing, webinars ~

We are located in Illinois, USA in the Central Time Zone (Chicago).