Negative People Are Energy Drainers

Have you ever met someone who recharges your energy just by being near them and in your presence? Perhaps it is the things they say or the way they respect and value your goals and ideas, or the examples they set. These are people that you need to be around regularly to recharge your spirit.

On the opposite of that spectrum of positive people, are negative people who are “energy drainers”. I’ve encountered many of these negative type people in the neighborhood, at metopes and as clients. You know them as people who always complain about something, it’s never their fault, say negative words out loud when something goes wrong and they continue to set themselves up that way because of their attitude. Yes, you may feel sorry for them and feel compelled to help them. But these are people who drain your energy and you start to feel overwhelmed and less enthusiastic. These types of people suck the life out of you, leaving you with less energy, foggy thoughts, sleeping less, lack of focus and less clarity. They reduce your energy level. When you start to realize how you feel after you’re around these “toxic people” you need to move on. They will continue to wear you down after a while.

So how do you deal with these toxic people? When you notice the immediate effects from these negative energy drainers, you must decide to move on and end the connection. Yes, end the friendship and if you’re in business, end that client relationship right away.

Start to meditate and have the intention to remove their energy out of your life force.

It’s important that you regularly recharge your inner spirit so that you feel renewed and ready to move on to becoming the best you can be in this incredible life. It doesn’t have to be a long session; your meditation can last only 5 minutes. When meditating, the most important thing to concentrate on is “intent”. The intent of your meditation. Your intent is to remove this person’s energy and let that person go.

Then take a breather and focus on your goals, gratitude and reconnect your energy to your higher self and repeat positive affirmations.

Another way is to regularly spend some time with people who help you recharge. People who are well developed personally have this ability and they are happy to share it with those others who are genuinely on the path to developing their own potential.

There are of course, other approaches at which you can tap into this energy. Read books and articles by motivational authors, listen to audios of successful, inspiring people. You can find many positive-goal focused quotes from Pinterest, do a screen shot on your smartphone and see that message every time, or save the quotes as your wallpaper on your laptop.

Another way to recharge is to attend live talks given by inspiring people. There are seminars available in most major cities around the world.  These seminars cover a huge range of inspiring and informative topics. It can really help to attend these from time to time.

In conclusion, don’t let toxic people drain your energy. When you begin to notice how you feel after being around energy-draining people versus how you feel when you’re around positive people that spark your inner power, take control of this situation and move on. Hang around with positive people who motivate you, inspire you and leave you with refreshing thoughts, empowers you and best of all, energized.

Stay Away from Negative People