It’s been on my mind…to change my website design.  Just like in real life, you get tired of the same layout of the furniture in your office or home and need to redecorate the area.  It’s the same thing for my online, virtual spaces in my websites and also my social media headers or banners.

I’m writing this as my new blog post since I’m learning all the functions of this new design and its capabilities which I’m pushing to see what limits it has and if any of my pages should not load.  For now, I need to write this super short post, and also this website is still evolving as of today.

My previous website design was created, last year around November 2014.  This website site ready out of “under construction” mode by the end of this week.  When it’s finally finished going through all the tweaks and new pages I may add or delete, I’ll post that news as my second blog.

Redesigning Your Space