Lighten Your Mood with Colors

Your body responds to color on a sub-conscious level that you are probably not aware of. Take a walk thru the woods or stroll through an art museum and become aware of the color that surrounds you.

Chromotherapy, or color therapy is used in many parts of the world for improving a person’s psyche for better health and well-being. This type of therapy is not without debate, but when you consider the importance color that plays in nature, you might want to consider and give it a try!

Surrounding ourselves with a variety of colors such as the clothes we wear and the furnishings in our home is believed by many, to have a real impact on our state-of -mind. It’s not a coincidence that when a woman is wearing red, she feels powerful and vigorous; while a woman dressed in blue radiates peace and tranquility.

photo-1470274038469-958113db2384Your home-office is the perfect place to experiment on how color can influence stress, mood, and energy. Let’s take a look at at your home-office and how color influences us.

Do You Have Low Energy?

If you’re spending 8 hours or more in your home office, staring out the window and simply can’t get anything done, your energy level needs a boost.

Red and orange are colors that will set your mood on fire. Exhaustion and tiredness won’t last long when surrounded by these passionate, energizing colors. Use these powerful colors as accents so they don’t overwhelm or make you nervous.


When your mind is racing, your heart is pounding, and your anxiety is in over-drive, it’s time to stop and relax a moment.

Calming, quiet blues and greens are the colors for you. These colors create what you might think of as a cool hand on your forehead. You can include a shade of soft pink to help balance your energies. Blue, green, and light pink – are you visualizing a calm ocean sunset?

No Focus

Sometimes we get so involved in multi-tasking that we lose focus. This situation may cause stress so we want to fix the problem of lack of concentration.

Clean, crisp, and fresh white helps restore clarity of thought. Include the color violet to renew wisdom and strength to help guide you through your work and concentrated on your task.


If your every thought seems to turn negative for no reason, perhaps a dose of color to lift your mood would help. Depending on where the sadness is coming from, colors could affect your mood in different ways.

Yellow is a cheerful color and can create a positive feeling. Orange is another color that invigorates the psyche and helps perk up the mood. Pink can be used in this instance as a way to balance negative energies with positive energies so the former does not dominate.

Stress is caused by both internal and external factors. Losing focus, having negative thoughts, feeling tired, lethargic, and getting anxious to the point of serious distraction are issues we face as we try to accomplish our work. Dealing with these matters in a proactive manner is the first step in creating a real solution. Consider using color as one tool to help alleviate these moods. It’s easy to do and well worth a try.

flower bouquetI bought fresh flowers and a cute fun small colorful “throw pillow” to add a cheery mood in my environment.  Tip: Visit a resale shop such as Goodwill or Salvation Army stores and buy wall pictures, colorful vases with silk flowers, and cute little knick-knacks!

What will you add today to bring color in your life to help change your mood?

Grow Your Coaching Biz in 2017 by Hiring a VA

Whether you just started your coaching business or have been doing it for a while, you’ll soon realize that you can’t do everything by yourself.

For you to run a successful coaching business and grow as a coach, it’s going to take a team of qualified and reliable people to help you. One such person you’ll need on your team is a Virtual Assistant (VA). Finding and hiring a qualified VA isn’t hard, but there are some things you need to consider before you jump in with both feet.

First, let’s cover the basic:  What a virtual assistant actually is and what they do, before getting into the details about hiring, training, and working with a VA.

What Is a Virtual Assistant and Why Do You Need One?

According to Wikipedia:

A virtual assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients remotely from a home office.

In other words, a virtual assistant is an assistant who works virtually (remotely). This means she could be working out of a home office, from a hotel room, in a coffee shop – literally anywhere that has WiFi, or internet access. She can provide services like email management, customer support, help desk, web design, transcription, graphic work, calendar management, data entry and more.

The great thing about a VA is that she is an independent contractor so you don’t have to pay for office space for her, employee taxes, health benefits and all those other things that come with having a ‘real’ in-office assistant.

Here’s some other expenses you don’t have to worry about when you hire a contractor: hardware like a computer and printer, health insurance, vacation days, sick days, and wasted time while she chats with your other employees. These are some pretty big benefits to outsourcing virtually. But what sorts of tasks can you entrust to someone who isn’t in the next office?



What Can a Virtual Assistant Do for You and Your Coaching Biz

To run and grow a successful coaching biz you’re going to need a team to make that happen. On that team you’ll need a Virtual Assistant (maybe even more than one – depending on what you need to outsource).

There are a lot of different things a VA can do for you and your business. But before we look at some sample tasks you can hand over, you need to realize the importance of hiring a VA. The main thing to think about is that with their help, you’ll be able to stop spending so much time on projects that are time consuming and zap your energy.  You’ll probably even find that once you hand over tasks you don’t like which you found so time consuming, your VA will probably less time as you did on them!

Let’s plunge into the main part of this section and look at different tasks a VA can do for your coaching business. Here are some of the basic things a VA can do for you:

  • Customer support
  • Email management
  • Article submission
  • Press release submission
  • Schedule coaching calls
  • Maintain database of coaching clients/track of how many coaching sessions used/have left
  • Send invoices to your coaching clients
  • Email marketing – setting up/sending mailings for you through software like Mailchimp, InfusionSoft, Active Campaign
  • Content management
  • Social media management
  • Internet research
  • Travel planning (reserving flights, booking hotels, etc)
  • Blog commenting

Additionally, there are things that require more skill that you can also hand over to a VA such as:

  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Website updates
  • Technical support
  • Shopping cart maintenance (like WooCommerce, 1ShoppingCart, etc)
  • Kindle publishing
  • Set up and manage webinars
  • Writing sales copy
  • Project management
  • Bookkeeping
  • SEO
  • Audio/Video help
  •  PowerPoint
  •  Transcription

Again, this is just a small list of the tasks that require more of a skill set, that can also be handed off to a trusted VA. This list is definitely not exhaustive and there are a lot of other jobs that can be outsourced as well.

Hopefully, this is a great starting point for brainstorming some of the ways that a Virtual Assistant can help you build and grow a successful coaching business. Probably one of the easiest ways to get started with outsourcing to a VA is by making a list of the top three things you need to get done in your business, but that you don’t like doing. You know that list of tasks that you never seem to find time to do? Those are the perfect projects to get started with!

Check back soon for more resources and information on growing your business by hiring a Virtual Assistant for a prosperous 2017!

Here are some resources for you.

I welcome your comments or suggestions about working with VAs to grow your business, please chime in.

5 Get-It-Done Tips for Writing Your Site’s Content

5 Tips To Writing Content For Your Website

One of the biggest struggles I see my fellow entrepreneurs stuck in is creating content. A lot of emotions are stirred up when it comes to creating quality content, or even just content for their about page.

Maybe you can relate?

You sit down to write your home page content, maybe a persuasive piece of copy for a product or even a blog post. And suddenly you are paralysed by fear.

Fear of making a mistake and sounding like a fool.

Fear of what others will think.

And other times you are just not sure what to write about, what order to write it in and how to write in such a way that gels with your target audience.

But there is hope …

I want to share some tips that have helped me push my business forward. There was once a time when I was in the same situation. I hated writing.

I just wanted to design that darn website – but words have to come from somewhere!
It wasn’t until I started solving the jigsaw puzzle piece by piece that I discovered many ways of increasing the speed of writing, the level of engagement to my writing and even making it fun.

And now I want to share some tips with you!

Tip #1: Create an outline prior to writing

One of the most valuable tips I discovered was to outline my writing. I would simply use bullet points in a word processor and write down a topic per bullet. The great thing about this is that I could just list them.

Then once I had refined that ordered list of things to write about, I could start writing from that outline.

In order to create an outline, it helps to know the topic or reason for the content piece; so you stay on track. I also recommend you use prompts in your outline if you get stuck.

An example of a prompt is if you were learning about karate. You might have some prompts like:
● The mistake that almost all beginners make while practising Karate
● 10 valuable lessons I’ve learned in becoming a 1st blackbelt
● 2 things no one knows about when choosing your martial arts centre

You can learn more about creating outlines on page 8 of my free ebook available here at VA Networking.

Tip #2: Ensure you understand who you are writing for

It’s hard to write on a topic when you aren’t sure who you are writing for. It’s like taking a stab in the dark. Sure, it’s possible but then the writing gets very ME ME ME focused.

I highly recommend you define your personality and also recognise your potential customers who will read what you are writing.

One way of doing this is to create a persona or an avatar of your ideal reader. You can find an example of a quality avatar sheet at Digital Marketer.

Tip #3: Leverage writing frameworks

Frameworks are different to outlines. Outlines are very specific to the content piece you are writing. Whereas a framework can be reused. It’s like a fill in the blanks outline.

An example of a framework for a sales piece that comes to mind is something along the lines of:

1. Acknowledge the problem
2. Agitate the problem
3. Offer a Solution
4. Offer a reason why the solution is best
5. Overcome an objection
6. Finish by closing the reader

As you can see, a framework is very different to an outline. It is like fill in the blanks, rinse and repeat – a very abstract level view of your “outline”.
Sadly there are very few places to get frameworks from. But there is always the possibility of creating your own…

Tip #4: Create your own frameworks

That’s right. One of the ways I created my homepage and about page real fast was to create my own framework based on the sequence of questions I pre-empted my reader would ask.

If you look at my homepage on you’ll notice there is a formulaic flow. I cover objections, introduce solutions etc.

Tip #5: Get inspired by reading other blogs

Sometimes you are just not in the mood to write. Then you read something from another colleague or competitor. Suddenly you either get inspired, get angry or think you can do something just as good.

I highly recommend you stay ahead of the game by reading and consuming blogs. The secret is not to consume more than you produce. There has to be a ratio otherwise you can get stuck in no action, all learning mode.

And there you have it. Five solid tips to get your writing gear on. If you don’t know where to start, I suggest you get inspired by reading a blog or two on a similar topic and then outline your blog based on the key points you manage to harvest.

Just be original. Be yourself. And let your personality shine through.

This blog was written and submitted by Mark Hunter.   Mark Hunter is a WordPress and Digital Consultant. He runs a service based business called Mark Of Approval Web & Marketing where he assist clients with WordPress. He has been particularly active in the Virtual Assistant community because he loves these good folks provide great value and customer relations to their clients. As a result he’s helped some of the bigger players, like VA Networking, fine tune their websites. To contact Mark go here.

You Can’t Change People

You can’t change people; you can only change yourself. How many times can you help someone by giving them advice?  They continue to do the same thing over and over; maybe they’re just not ready to change.

Having worked since I was a teenager, I have met so many different people from many various industries and walks of life. Why are some people more successful and why are others broke all the time?  Many people have a myriad of motivational reasons to push further to reach their goals.  One thing I know for sure is that to become a better person either personally or in business, you must invest in yourself.

quote on people by jim john

We are always growing and changing.  I mean, look at your life now, were you a different person ten years ago?  In the last ten years, did you take a class, start a new relationship or become a parent?  These are changes most people experience.  One day you’re a single person with all the freedom in the world, to go out and party, travel, get home whenever you please.  Then, all of a sudden you’re a parent and boom! Things changed and now, it’s a different game in life.

As a business owner it’s not just opening up a store or getting a website and expect to have success overnight.  Oh, it’s a lot of work.  Now, you may be lucky to have started your business and clients started rolling in along with the money.  However, in order to continue to grow you must take the time to invest in your business and in personal development.

One book I read in high school is “How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. This book taught me to listen first, rather than talk about myself. People love to talk about themselves! Sometimes being a listener is all someone needs.

Now, when someone asks me for advice, I open-heartedly like to help out and hope my words will help him or her.  I like to help by providing new ideas or direction, and hope it made their day so they can move forward.

I’ve spent hours on one person, trying to help her, even doing online research, providing the links so she can have a better mindset.  Later, I realized that there was nothing else I can provide her.  It’s really up to her.  No matter how hard we try to help others, it’s up to them.

You can train people and show them what to do and even share a secret or two.  If however, they cannot move forward, then just realize that you cannot change people.  They have to take responsibility and motivate themselves by investing in their own personal development.


As a child my mother introduced me to travel. Back then travel was deemed only for those who could afford it and had to be of a certain stature. I didn’t see my mom that way but somehow she made it possible. I guess she too loved to travel and wanted to expose me to the world. Since then, travel has been in my blood and I have been travelling ever since. Since then, travel has become more accessible and open to all walks of life. Even the way people dress now compared to back then demonstrates how travel has evolved from business to casual.

The word travel is on blue map backgroundSince starting my own online business around 2010, travel has become even more important to me as it allows me the opportunity to attend seminars, conferences and trainings to keep abreast of my industry, know-how and latest trends and more so network and make new friends and possible business collaborations plus a little R&R on the side. However, whether you are in business or just a leisure traveller, travel can be a bit still on the expensive side for some.

I had to find a way to have my cake and eat it as they say and in sharing this blog with you, in the same way I shared my goals, someone told me about this wonderful site that helps me achieve exactly what I wanted. There are hundreds of trips under ‘Browse Experiences’! It’s pretty cool and the prices, well I will leave you to see for yourself in the video when you click on the link.

Blog Talk Radio

I have even taken it a step further and started another online radio show about travel titled youtrippin. You should check it out as it allows me to learn more about travel from others who have gone where I haven’t gone before (yeah, I am a Star Trek Fan) and enticing places to add to my bucket list. Hey, if you happen to be reading this and you have travelled somewhere and would like to share it on my show, feel free to reach out to me. I am sure there are people out there who would love to hear about it. And hey, don’t forget to check out that travel link.

I took my 76 year old mom on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas recently and she still can’t stop talking about how 5 star the ship experience was and the VIP treatment she received from the staff. Don’t allow her to be the only one to brag! Here’s the link again to check it out and maybe, just maybe, I may see you on one of those trips or on the beaches of the world!

This article was submitted by our Guest Blogger, Corine La Font.

Corine La Font is a Speaker, Author, Coach and Self Publishing Consultant. She is also an Award Winning Publishing Resource in the 2013 Small Business Book Awards. Get a copy of her book at, Subscribe to her Magazine at tune in to her radio programs at and Check out her website at She can be reached at