Get A Website So Clients Can Find You Online

No matter where you go on the Internet or locally to find clients I suggest you have a website.  Your website is your calling card. A virtual professional business must have a stellar web presence and that starts with the website. It can often seem daunting to the online business owner whose expertise is not in web design to find the time or the way to create a professional website but fortunately it’s not that difficult if you use self-hosted WordPress.


With a self-hosted WordPress you can use a free or premium theme to build your website and get it up in no time. A good web hosting service will often load WordPress for you if you’re not sure how to do that part. But, you can probably find a service provider to build a basic website for $500 to $1000 dollars. Sometimes outsourcing is the best way to go because your website is your store front and it’s an imperative component of your entire online business and presence.

Aside from the site looking really good, you’ll need to fill your website with relevant, keyword rich content. Depending upon what your virtual professional business niche is, you should focus on the website’s content to showcase your business in its best light. If you’re a graphic designer, then your website needs to show what a talented and creative graphic designer you are. If you’re a coach, then your website needs to show what an awesome coach you are. The way in which you do this is that you focus on the benefits of your solutions to your ideal client within all the content.

social-media-580301_640  On your website include links to all the social media profiles you have, as well as a way to sign up for more information via an email newsletter or email list. You can do this with a program like Aweber  very easily. It’s just a matter of cutting and pasting some code the email marketing company provides you into your website. This will enable those who have not yet decided to hire you to learn more about you and remember you.

You should also include samples of your work. If it’s hard to include samples, ask clients to give you written or video testimonials that you can include on your website. Nothing speaks louder than a satisfied client, and the more you can convince to do this for you, the better for future business. You can incentivize them to do this by having a contest for the best video or giving discounts for future work.

Your website should be unmistakably yours. Remember that most people spend less than a few seconds looking at a website so it has to be compelling, and speak to your brand in a creative way. It should match your social media profiles in terms of colors, logos, even fonts, something should match so people know that it’s you. By having a cohesive and fully developed brand your future clients and customers will view you as very professional and as an expert.

Don’t forget to include a way for your future clients to hire you via your website. Some people swear by putting prices on the website, others prefer to wait to talk to future clients on Skype or the phone. It’s up to you how you do this, and what your comfort level is. You can always test out both ways. The important thing is that you have a professional website that includes the services that you offer and all the components necessary for someone to decide if they can work with you, and have the skill set they are looking for and contact you.

If you any questions about WordPress, contact us for a free consultation.

Hardly Working by Trip and Tyler

Here’s a pretty funny YouTube video that someone shared with me.  If you’re an entrepreneur or someone who works from home and working hard at meeting all your client’s demands, I suggest you have a look at this video.  Let me know what you think.  Note: I previously uploaded this video from my other computer and the video screen was too big.  Here’s another attempt to upload this video and hope this works.

How To Work With A Virtual Assistant


A friend of mine told me that she read a blog about a man who hired a Virtual Assistant (VA) and he wrote about his experience that left him upset and disappointed.

Maybe this man didn’t have a clear expectation and goal to work with the VA or maybe the VA he hired didn’t have the skillset he was looking for.

This gave me the idea to write a quick blog to explain how to work with a VA. First, let me give an example of how to put this into a better perspective.

When a business owner hires an assistant, in a brick and mortar office, does he expect the new assistant to know where all your files are located? Does he think the new assistant magically knows where to find certain documents, what software he uses, his passwords or log-ins, and the other systems he uses online? Probably not.

In the beginning, the business owner might train the new assistant and may need to take the time to show where the files are located, the software and the systems used and any other information to help the assistant perform the tasks completely.

It’s no different when hiring a Virtual Assistant, with the exception that the VA works remotely from his/her office location. Learn about Virtual Assistants: Who, What, Where and How.

two hands across each other using macbook and tabletSo here’s a (example) list to have in mind, before you hire a Virtual Assistant.
  • Have a goal in mind when working with a VA. Write down your To Do List and break it down into smaller tasks (if needed).
  • Do you need data-entry, research, social media tasks, client care, office help, customer service, event planner, website maintenance?
  • I suggest hiring a VA for a short -term project. Pick one task and provide your VA with instructions. If it’s a program she doesn’t know how to use, provide some training. Or hire the VA for 5-10 hours for a “test drive” and see how the tasks were completed and how well you both communicate with each other.
  • Set a deadline for the task to be completed.

Once you “try out” your new VA and you’re happy with their performance, it’s time to perhaps continue with a monthly package or continue with longer terms. Develop a good rapport and business partnership with your VA.

There are many Virtual Assistants who offer office support services. Additionally, many VAs have specialized skills in social media, online marketing strategies, webinars, ghostwriters, 1Shopping Cart Specialist, E-commerce, WordPress websites, graphic designers and other technical skills for example.

Most VA’s (in the U.S.) are independent contractors and also business owners. So, your success is their success too! Hope this helps and good luck finding the right Virtual Assistant!

IVAA Online Summit

Are you a virtual assistant looking to hone your skills and connect with other virtual assistants (VAs)?

Sign up and register for this information packed filled two day special event.  It’s designed to provide newbies and experience VAs with loads of ideas, educational info and connect & network with others.

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Here’s some of the Topics lined up for 2015. IVAA Online Summit 2015 Topics.