Help Your Business Soar with a Virtual Assistant

As a business owner who’s wearing all the “hats”, it can be very overwhelming at times.  You get bogged down with doing everything from marketing, to answering emails, researching and managing your daily tasks.

Have you ever thought of outsourcing some of those tasks to a Virtual Assistant (VA)?

From its earliest beginnings of this industry, entrepreneurs were hiring VAs for their general administrative tasks such as  returning calls to prospects, managing emails, typing correspondence, file management, and other services.

Today, there are more VAs who possess specialized skills and offer technology support along with the general office tasks.  Business owners are learning to work more efficiently and smarter by outsourcing some of the time-consuming tasks to virtual assistants.  They are outsourcing tasks such as handling their social media, maintaining their membership websites, strategy for marketing, and doing research for special projects.

There are VAs that only offer web design, social media services, webinars, video editing,  in legal industries, real-estate, medical and security fields. Some of these VAs are licensed or certified when working with sensitive data while others will sign NDAs.

Successful entrepreneurs such as Michael Hyatt and  Tim Ferris use and/or have VAs to help with their tasks.  ( I’m  their fan and I “follow” both of them.) Tim Ferris wrote the book, “The 4-Hour Workweek“, and mentions he hires VAs.

Even highly successful bloggers use VAs!

Hiring a VA, is going to change your business forever, in the best way possible. Hiring a VA is like hacking your business; you can get better results in less time than if you were trying to do it all on your own.

That’s an snippet of a wonderful website I just stumbled on a few minutes ago, written by Indigo Colton.  Indigo writes a blog titled: “5 Reasons Your Business Needs A Virtual Assistant”.  You can read more about it here.

Figure out what you need a VA to do for you first.  Then start “shopping for your new VA”.  Remember, VA’s are not employees.  Think of them as consultants or freelancers.  They are business owners like you and care about your success.  You can “test drive” a new VA to see how you both get along and how well your VA communicates and responds to you.  Be sure to check their work at first. Then, if things work out, stick with the VA.  The longer a VA stays with you, the better he/she will understand your business and even give you ideas to expand and grow your revenue.

What’s a Virtual Assistant?

student-849826_1280Although today, in the year 2015 with all the technology and interconnections we have all over the world through online communications, I still get a baffled look whenever I tell my friends I work from home as a virtual assistant. Their first response is, “What is a virtual assistant?” or “What is it you do again?” or “What does that mean?”

I explain that I help small business owners or busy individuals manage their day-to-day tasks such as client correspondence through email or phone, manage calendars, book meeting rooms, manage online blogs and social media, etc., etcetera.

They also thought I’m an employee of that business owner! NO! We’re not employees!  As “virtual” assistants, we can help any business owner or busy individuals from anywhere. We don’t need to be in their office or even live in the same city or state. We can work with and communicate with clients through phone, and email; everything is done online! We collaborate together with documents, projects, share calendars, all through the Internet.

In the United States, virtual assistants are independent contractors and business owners themselves. This means, they don’t receive any employee benefits and also file their own taxes with the IRS. For example, it’s like hiring a private tutor or a plumber who is a sole proprietor, operating their own business.  You hire them to get the job done. When it’s completed, you can pay them and end the relationship.  You get the idea. Right?

Each virtual assistant has their own unique skills, expertise and experience in various industry fields. Some will have specialties, such as a virtual Medical Assistant, virtual Paralegal, virtual generalist in Business Administration, virtual Social Media Specialist, Internet Marketing Specialist, SEO Managers and more.

So, next time you need a hand with your projects, call on a virtual assistant. Then when you’re done with your project, you can simply stop working with your VA, and end your relationship, or continue to work with that person on a monthly retainer.  It’s up to you! They’re usually available “on-call” or “as-needed” basis.

Just a short note- VAs can get very busy and may not take on new clients.  So if you find the assistant of your dreams, you might want to keep them busy and on a retainer.  You can even let them know if you want to have a long-term agreement/relationship to keep them onboard.

Any questions, please drop me a line.

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