Do You Have An Elevator Pitch When You Talk About Your Business?

Last week in our mastermind group, we discussed having an elevator speech and the importance on how it comes across to a new person. We each took turns saying our elevator speech in front of the group. Some people read their elevator pitch from a piece of paper while others “winged it”.  In my opinion, you should be able to describe who you are and what you do to a new person, without having to look at a piece of paper.

A mentor once told me that I should practice my elevator speech over and over and over again. She said I should know my “speech” like the back of my hand. She also suggested I look in the mirror and practice 5-10x a day until I really become comfortable with the words, my expression, and having confidence when asked what I do and introducing myself. I totally agree with this!

Either way, having an elevator speech is something you should have and practice on how to deliver it smoothly; so the next time you’re in a networking meeting or introducing yourself in a business situation, you’re ready to talk about yourself with confidence! If you deliver your elevator pitch with confidence, you might just get the other person to start engaging and begin a great conversation with you!

To briefly outline what your elevator pitch or speech should have, here are 3 things to think about.

  1. What’s your purpose of having one ready?  Introduce them to your new venture?
  2. Are you letting people know what you do and about your business?
  3. Peak their interest, let them know your unique selling proposition? (USP)

Remember, to not be “salesy”, but do engage and listen to their comments and answer their questions professionally.  Make sure you have business cards or brochures to leave with them, just in case they may want to do business with you.

Do you think that having an elevator pitch today, is important? And do you practice what you’re going to say over and over until you get more comfortable? Or do you wing it when someone asks you what you do as a business owner?


Alternative to Hiring An Employee

puzzle piecesA lot of companies today (2017) are outsourcing their tasks and projects to outside contractors.  The reason is it’s cost-effective and getting talent from specialists who are experts in certain tasks they perform.  You don’t really need to train them, except for on-boarding and getting to know you and how you work.

I’m here to tell you about the virtual world of assistants that are available globally.  These are usually independent contractors (in the U.S) working from their home offices and to provide assistance for professionals, speakers, coaches and many small organizations.  They are hired for specific tasks or projects and work only when needed.

Do you need help with the back-end office? Someone who tackles projects from “working behind the scenes”, and manage your daily business functions?

I’m an independent contractor, working remotely, with different industries to help business owners with technical and executive administrative needs. I can help tackle your tasks and To Do lists, so you can focus on building your “empire”.

Are you good at delegating work to an outside person? Are you new to this type of getting help?

I’ll help you down-size your To Do List and figure out which tasks should be tackled first and start creating processes and procedures from day one. I’ll smooth your work flow so you can be more organized, able to see which projects or tasks should be done first, and create steps to complete each one of them.

Just think of the sigh of relief you can experience once we start working together. As a business owner myself, I care about the quality and success of your business. I know how overwhelmed you might feel when things all of a sudden start to pile up, especially as you get busier with new clients!

If you’re a “solopreneur”, small-sized business owner we’re only a phone call away or click away. If you’re located in the USA, our communication will be over Email, Skype and phone. I work with short-term or long-term projects.

To have a 20-minute complimentary consultation, please contact me here. Visit this page to see more support services.

To learn more about Virtual Assistants or some call “freelancer”, “personal assistant”, here’s some information about Virtual Assistants (VA), and how to work with a VA from my previous blog, titled: Who, What and Where are Virtual Assistants

redhead girl with laptop and internet icons


As a child my mother introduced me to travel. Back then travel was deemed only for those who could afford it and had to be of a certain stature. I didn’t see my mom that way but somehow she made it possible. I guess she too loved to travel and wanted to expose me to the world. Since then, travel has been in my blood and I have been travelling ever since. Since then, travel has become more accessible and open to all walks of life. Even the way people dress now compared to back then demonstrates how travel has evolved from business to casual.

The word travel is on blue map backgroundSince starting my own online business around 2010, travel has become even more important to me as it allows me the opportunity to attend seminars, conferences and trainings to keep abreast of my industry, know-how and latest trends and more so network and make new friends and possible business collaborations plus a little R&R on the side. However, whether you are in business or just a leisure traveller, travel can be a bit still on the expensive side for some.

I had to find a way to have my cake and eat it as they say and in sharing this blog with you, in the same way I shared my goals, someone told me about this wonderful site that helps me achieve exactly what I wanted. There are hundreds of trips under ‘Browse Experiences’! It’s pretty cool and the prices, well I will leave you to see for yourself in the video when you click on the link.

Blog Talk Radio

I have even taken it a step further and started another online radio show about travel titled youtrippin. You should check it out as it allows me to learn more about travel from others who have gone where I haven’t gone before (yeah, I am a Star Trek Fan) and enticing places to add to my bucket list. Hey, if you happen to be reading this and you have travelled somewhere and would like to share it on my show, feel free to reach out to me. I am sure there are people out there who would love to hear about it. And hey, don’t forget to check out that travel link.

I took my 76 year old mom on a 5 day cruise to the Bahamas recently and she still can’t stop talking about how 5 star the ship experience was and the VIP treatment she received from the staff. Don’t allow her to be the only one to brag! Here’s the link again to check it out and maybe, just maybe, I may see you on one of those trips or on the beaches of the world!

This article was submitted by our Guest Blogger, Corine La Font.

Corine La Font is a Speaker, Author, Coach and Self Publishing Consultant. She is also an Award Winning Publishing Resource in the 2013 Small Business Book Awards. Get a copy of her book at, Subscribe to her Magazine at tune in to her radio programs at and Check out her website at She can be reached at

Who, What, and Where are Virtual Assistants

Virtual Assistants: Who, What, When, Where and How

Recently, I was co-hosting a Blab live event and the topic of discussion was deciphering the mysteries of who, what, when, where and how to work with a Virtual Assistant (VA).

Although, the term VA is becoming more common today, I continually need to explain what a VA is and how they can help business owners, individuals and entrepreneurs. We discussed these topics on Blab recently.

Who, what, when, where, how written on board with question mark in the middle

Who: Who are Virtual Assistants (VAs)?

A Virtual Assistant is a highly skilled, independent professional that provides administrative, technical or creative services remotely.

They are independent contractors that don’t require health insurance benefits, vacations or 401K; a great alternative benefit for any business owner that needs an occasional VA but not an employee.

What: What can virtual assistants do?

A VA can offer services from general administrative and office support services such as mail correspondence, spreadsheets, calendar management, event planning, bookkeeping and concierge services, to technical support such as website maintenance, CRMs, project management applications, graphic design and marketing such as Email marketing, delivering campaigns and product launches, and social media and internet marketing, customer services, and many more. Each VA can specialize in a specific field and may only offer those services. Here are some examples of what a VA can do:

  • Database Entries
  • Word processing
  • Answer customer inquiries on time
  • Help setup your website / blog
  • Create content for your blog
  • Perform simple routine SEO on your website
  • Manage calendar and email
  • Book all travel plans, events or conferences
  • Manage social media posts
  • Strategizing social media for marketing
  • Correspondence to potential clients by email or phone
  • Invoice all your clients, and keep track of your billings and payments
  • Email Marketing,
  • Internet Research
  • Create templates for sending out sales letters
  • Maintain your CRM system
  • Validate sales leads lists making sure you have the latest information
  • Scan business cards into e-Card contacts

For more ideas on hiring a VA, here’s an article about 10 Things to Outsource to a Virtual Assistant, from Entrepreneur online magazine:

When: When do you need to hire a VA?

Some small business owners cannot afford to hire an in-house employee, so a VA is a great choice. Since VAs (in the U.S.) are independent contractors, they don’t need insurance benefits, vacations, holiday pay, etc.

Most people hire VAs because they are becoming too busy to complete their own daily functions to keep the business going. They need to spend time meeting with potential clients, generating revenue, or travelling to speaking engagements.

Where: Where can you find a VA?

There are VAs all over the globe. Some VAs are sole proprietors; while others join a VA team. They can be found through reputable organizations such as the International Virtual Assistants Associations and Virtual Assistants Network.

How: How to start with a VA?

I wrote a brief article about how to work with a VA. Before you hire a VA, be sure you have a list of the tasks you need completed by your VA. Do you want a VA to have a project-based term? Or do you need a VA for only 5 hours a month to write correspondence, data-entry, etc.?

“Work smarter when  you hire a Virtual Assistant.”

Another “How” question that comes up is how much does a VA charge? Some VAs charge by the hour and invoice weekly or monthly. Some VA’s prices are per blocks of hours or by projects. You and your VA will have an agreed term for pricing prior to starting.

Remember, you are saving money by outsourcing your tasks to a VA, because you’re not paying any insurance benefits, buying their office equipment, cell phones or even providing an office space for them! Your relationship with your VA can be short-term, long-term, or an “as-needed” basis.

For your free 30-minute consultation by phone call (630) 882-3514. Email at




What’s a Virtual Assistant?

student-849826_1280Although today, in the year 2015 with all the technology and interconnections we have all over the world through online communications, I still get a baffled look whenever I tell my friends I work from home as a virtual assistant. Their first response is, “What is a virtual assistant?” or “What is it you do again?” or “What does that mean?”

I explain that I help small business owners or busy individuals manage their day-to-day tasks such as client correspondence through email or phone, manage calendars, book meeting rooms, manage online blogs and social media, etc., etcetera.

They also thought I’m an employee of that business owner! NO! We’re not employees!  As “virtual” assistants, we can help any business owner or busy individuals from anywhere. We don’t need to be in their office or even live in the same city or state. We can work with and communicate with clients through phone, and email; everything is done online! We collaborate together with documents, projects, share calendars, all through the Internet.

In the United States, virtual assistants are independent contractors and business owners themselves. This means, they don’t receive any employee benefits and also file their own taxes with the IRS. For example, it’s like hiring a private tutor or a plumber who is a sole proprietor, operating their own business.  You hire them to get the job done. When it’s completed, you can pay them and end the relationship.  You get the idea. Right?

Each virtual assistant has their own unique skills, expertise and experience in various industry fields. Some will have specialties, such as a virtual Medical Assistant, virtual Paralegal, virtual generalist in Business Administration, virtual Social Media Specialist, Internet Marketing Specialist, SEO Managers and more.

So, next time you need a hand with your projects, call on a virtual assistant. Then when you’re done with your project, you can simply stop working with your VA, and end your relationship, or continue to work with that person on a monthly retainer.  It’s up to you! They’re usually available “on-call” or “as-needed” basis.

Just a short note- VAs can get very busy and may not take on new clients.  So if you find the assistant of your dreams, you might want to keep them busy and on a retainer.  You can even let them know if you want to have a long-term agreement/relationship to keep them onboard.

Any questions, please drop me a line.

Read more here: Who, What, Where and How to Work with Virtual Assistants