5 Tips To Writing Content For Your Website

One of the biggest struggles I see my fellow entrepreneurs stuck in is creating content. A lot of emotions are stirred up when it comes to creating quality content, or even just content for their about page.

Maybe you can relate?

You sit down to write your home page content, maybe a persuasive piece of copy for a product or even a blog post. And suddenly you are paralysed by fear.

Fear of making a mistake and sounding like a fool.

Fear of what others will think.

And other times you are just not sure what to write about, what order to write it in and how to write in such a way that gels with your target audience.

But there is hope …

I want to share some tips that have helped me push my business forward. There was once a time when I was in the same situation. I hated writing.

I just wanted to design that darn website – but words have to come from somewhere!
It wasn’t until I started solving the jigsaw puzzle piece by piece that I discovered many ways of increasing the speed of writing, the level of engagement to my writing and even making it fun.

And now I want to share some tips with you!

Tip #1: Create an outline prior to writing

One of the most valuable tips I discovered was to outline my writing. I would simply use bullet points in a word processor and write down a topic per bullet. The great thing about this is that I could just list them.

Then once I had refined that ordered list of things to write about, I could start writing from that outline.

In order to create an outline, it helps to know the topic or reason for the content piece; so you stay on track. I also recommend you use prompts in your outline if you get stuck.

An example of a prompt is if you were learning about karate. You might have some prompts like:
● The mistake that almost all beginners make while practising Karate
● 10 valuable lessons I’ve learned in becoming a 1st blackbelt
● 2 things no one knows about when choosing your martial arts centre

You can learn more about creating outlines on page 8 of my free ebook available here at VA Networking.

Tip #2: Ensure you understand who you are writing for

It’s hard to write on a topic when you aren’t sure who you are writing for. It’s like taking a stab in the dark. Sure, it’s possible but then the writing gets very ME ME ME focused.

I highly recommend you define your personality and also recognise your potential customers who will read what you are writing.

One way of doing this is to create a persona or an avatar of your ideal reader. You can find an example of a quality avatar sheet at Digital Marketer.

Tip #3: Leverage writing frameworks

Frameworks are different to outlines. Outlines are very specific to the content piece you are writing. Whereas a framework can be reused. It’s like a fill in the blanks outline.

An example of a framework for a sales piece that comes to mind is something along the lines of:

1. Acknowledge the problem
2. Agitate the problem
3. Offer a Solution
4. Offer a reason why the solution is best
5. Overcome an objection
6. Finish by closing the reader

As you can see, a framework is very different to an outline. It is like fill in the blanks, rinse and repeat – a very abstract level view of your “outline”.
Sadly there are very few places to get frameworks from. But there is always the possibility of creating your own…

Tip #4: Create your own frameworks

That’s right. One of the ways I created my homepage and about page real fast was to create my own framework based on the sequence of questions I pre-empted my reader would ask.

If you look at my homepage on https://webmentee.com you’ll notice there is a formulaic flow. I cover objections, introduce solutions etc.

Tip #5: Get inspired by reading other blogs

Sometimes you are just not in the mood to write. Then you read something from another colleague or competitor. Suddenly you either get inspired, get angry or think you can do something just as good.

I highly recommend you stay ahead of the game by reading and consuming blogs. The secret is not to consume more than you produce. There has to be a ratio otherwise you can get stuck in no action, all learning mode.

And there you have it. Five solid tips to get your writing gear on. If you don’t know where to start, I suggest you get inspired by reading a blog or two on a similar topic and then outline your blog based on the key points you manage to harvest.

Just be original. Be yourself. And let your personality shine through.

This blog was written and submitted by Mark Hunter.   Mark Hunter is a WordPress and Digital Consultant. He runs a service based business called Mark Of Approval Web & Marketing where he assist clients with WordPress. He has been particularly active in the Virtual Assistant community because he loves these good folks provide great value and customer relations to their clients. As a result he’s helped some of the bigger players, like VA Networking, fine tune their websites. To contact Mark go here.

5 Get-It-Done Tips for Writing Your Site’s Content

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