5 Good Reasons To Use Social Media For Your Business

5  Reasons Your Online Business Needs Social Media

Online marketing continues to evolve and grow and today social media is as important as having a website for your business.  It takes a front seat in most online marketing strategies as it supports the growth of business. Here are the 5 best reasons you need to use social media to grow your brand awareness and business.

 social media signReason #1: Who You Reach

Why do social media managers spend countless hours planning, posting, testing, and perfecting their social media presence online?

  • There are 3 billion active Internet users and 2.1 billion of them have social media accounts.
  • YouTube has more than 1 billion users, more than a 1/3 of all web users. Each and every day web visitors view hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube that generate billions of views.
  • Facebook has nearly 1.4 billion users, that’s 47% of all Internet users. 4.5 billion.   “Likes” are generated daily and nearly 75% of Facebook’s revenue comes from mobile advertising. Approximately, 936 million Facebook users login in at least once daily and 52% of marketers acquired new customers on Facebook in 2016.
  • Twitter has over 316 million monthly active users that posts 500 million tweets per day!
  • LinkedIn users will more than likely visit your website.  About 64% of social referrals to your company came from LinkedIn. The visitor to leads conversion rates are higher with LinkedIn than from other social media platforms.
  • Pinterest has 100 million users, 81% of which are women. In 2016-2017, 60$ of new sign-ups are men and 40% are women.   There are over 75 million ideas in Pinterest and 72% of winners make purchase decisions using Pinterest.  About 67% of pinned content is from a business site and 82% of Pinterest users would rather follow a brand than a celebrity.

These stats is just one reason to use social media to market your business.  The numbers are staggering and it illustrates the potential of reaching many more customers whether you’re only an online business and/or a brick and mortar store.

Reason #2: Relationship Building

Social media allows you to reach more people on a personal level. Many social media marketing experts believe that social media is about relationships building, that as a side effect brings about conversions for calls to action. When you connect with people and they connect with you, they’re more likely to follow your brand and all it has to offer.

Reason #3: Show Off Your Best Content

Social media allows you to show off your best content, and highlight your brand, culture, sales, specials and everything else it has to offer.  You can use text, images, video, and can tailor your campaign to present plus impress your target audience with the very best content, products, and services that your brand has to offer. Tailoring your campaign through social media allows you to meet many objectives, including, building brand reputation, customer engagement, a better customer experience and any other goals that meet your marketing needs.

Reason #4: Steady and Reliable Traffic

Are you sick of fighting for organic traffic when Google keeps wiping sites off their SERPS with their ongoing updates? Social media can bring a steady, long-term, reliable and ongoing stream of traffic to your sites and blogs, without having to worry that some entity will come along and wipe you out.

Reason #5: Control

One of the greatest benefits of social media is that you have full control of what is presented about your company, brand, and website to your target audience. You can tailor your marketing plan to meet specific goals and not leave anything to chance. The multitude of tracking, and testing tools available, such as, Klout, SumAll, BuzzSumo, and TweetReach, just to name a few allow you to enhance and tweak your campaigns as needed to constantly improve your efforts to boost conversions.


There’s no better time than now to take advantage of all social media has to offer. If you have an online business and do not have a social media presence then you’re behind the times, get started and connect globally.

blue twitter bird There are many expert guides online to get you started, and educating yourself on the intricate process that is social media marketing is critical to your overall success.

There’s also an option of hiring a social media marketing expert. Take care to choose a competent professional, it will not be cheap, but may well be worth it when they bring the results your business needs to succeed.

Noble Virtual Assistant is a certified social marketing specialist and will teach you, one-on-one tutoring for social media so you can start getting connected and engaging with your target market. We also manage your social media marketing so you don’t have to!