These are services or products I personally use now or in the past.  I’ve either use them for myself or for a client which allowed me to have hands-on experience and knowledge.   Just a note for disclosure purposes: I do have affiliate links with some of the products below.  This means that I get a small fee or commission if you click and purchase any of the products or services from this page/website.  This does NOT cost you anything extra. I get paid directly from them.


I was using another hosting service before I switched to SiteGround.  I have the plan where I can host as many sites as I want for a small monthly fee.  Also, customer service is great and always available to help! SiteGround was also recommended to me by a WP Developer who’s very experienced and knowledgeable.

Web Hosting


Buy A Domain Name for Less
Need a domain name?  NameCheap is one of the best places to get one and has will provide more savings now and in the future.  I know many people, and developers who buy their domains from Namecheap.  Learn more or visit Namecheap’s  website here.


Laser Printer

Brother HLL8350CDW Wireless Color Laser Printer  – It has the features I wanted such as  duplex capabilities, prints 32 ppm, wireless printing, size of printer and more!  The color quality is very nice;  I created professional looking brochures and flyers to bring to my networking events.



SmartPhone Tripod

 Case Star Black & White Octopus Style Portable and adjustable Tripod Stand with Mount / Holder for iPhone, Cellphone 4/4S/5 ,Camera with Case Star Velvet Bag – I started getting on Periscope and it’s quite handy! I can use Skype and take notes or even use the tripod to share my computer screen, it’s super portable and handy.


 How Successful People Think: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by John C. Maxwell (HARDCOVER) -Whether you’re an entrepreneur or thinking about going into business for yourself, this book will teach you how to think with that goal in mind.  John Maxwell discusses leadership roles and the importance of setting aside time to think strategically and at specific times.

The Synergist: How to Lead Your Team to Predictable Success -My business mentor suggested this superb information packed book. You don’t have to have a team to get the message that author speaks about. The author divides three types of thinkers and doers in business. It is this insight that will help you learn who you are in business and will guide and empower you to be successful in any business role.


The 4-Hour Workweek: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich – Do you want to learn how to work less in your business?  Tim Ferris explains how he hires Virtual Assistants to help him streamline his work load and enjoy more freedom while running a business.





Password Management

LastPass When you have too many passwords to remember, you may want to look into a password management application. With Lastpass, all you have to remember is one password.  You can also give access to your team without having to provide the actual password to access some of your online accounts that they manage for you.  Here’s a link to sign up for a LastPassfree account or choose their paid subscription options.