This section is specifically for Virtual Assistants (VAs) or for individuals who are thinking of becoming a VA.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email us by filling out the Contact form.

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Web Hosting


Virtual Assistant – The Series 4th Edition

This is the first book we recommend if you’re thinking about becoming a Virtual Assistant or if you need a reference guide to place on your business bookshelf. This books contains complete reference guide to starting your own virtual business that also includes tips, templates, strategies, marketing plans and niche markets.  In our opinion, every Virtual Assistant should have this book!

 Entrepreneurial Freedom: How to Start and Grow a Profitable Virtual Assistance Practice

Another great source for VAs is this wonderfully written book by Jeannine Clontz and Lauren Hidden.  This is a ‘how-to” guide for any individual who are wondering about starting a business from home or on the road providing virtual assistance to businesses. This book covers issues such as how to handle difficult clients, getting your “ideal” client in mind and attracting them, growing your business with or without employees along with contract and form samples.


To help you keep track of your time, Toggl offers a free version and a pro version.



Trello is a free application that keeps your projects organized by creating individual cards.  I have this app on my desktop and smartphone so it can go everywhere with me and I can easily add updates in the car, at a restaurant, or when a crazy aha! moment comes into my mind while I’m sitting in the doctor’s office. You can also share specific cards with co-workers for collaboration.


I started using Evernote  since December and it helped simplify and organized my business and personal life. For me it was a small learning curve to learn Evernote, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll love it! I use their web clipper to save the website’s articles that I don’t have time for to read at the moment, and Evernote will put that article in my Notebook for later on.  Evernote also allows me to share notebooks with individuals.

Website Builder

Customize any WordPress website using this tool. They have a FREE version as well as a Free Version.

Beaver Builder

Virtual Assistant Training Resources

Learn to become an ON DEMAND Virtual Assistant offering Techie support services!

Want to become a Virtual Assistant and start earning money working from home!

Password Management

LastPass When you have too many passwords to remember, you may want to look into a password management application. With Lastpass, all you have to remember is one password.  You can also give access to your team without having to provide the actual password to access some of your online accounts that they manage for you.  Here’s a link to sign up for a LastPassfree account or choose their paid subscription options.